About Me

Thank you so much for being here if your reading this. My name is Austin Ragan who's from some small town in Indiana. Growing up I always gravitated towards art. Since I was just 8 years old I remember wanting to draw and make my own comic book characters. I used art as a way to express my emotions and creativity. Art was a way for me to escape reality by getting to create my own. Drawing or doodling as a kid was the one thing in my life I felt I had complete control over. It was the only thing that had other kids notice me. It brought me value and recognition from others. Art is an essential vessel for me and so many other people to create an emotional impact on things we deal with as individuals and as a society. I'm using this talent not only for my satisfaction, but to help anyone dealing with the madness were surrounded by in this world today. Art and your imagination lives on forever and hopefully my style of art can give you a new perspective of what is possible. Every dream begins with a vision and I want my art to be an example of that. Once you have the vision then just start walking towards it. It will almost never go as planned and that's what makes the journey so interesting. I never knew my style would turn out how it is today. My vision was just making art that enhances other peoples mood or view on things. I just found my style through doing things how I thought they should be drawn. My pieces represent the collective beauty of freedom intwined with the chaos of our minds. You can either take the cards you're dealt and complain and be miserable for the rest of your life or throw them out and start creating your own and thats exactly what my art is all about. Create your own style and lane and do it for you and eventually your light and path will outshine any darkness that tries to get in your way.